Ruzan Petrosyan - You Dont Know Me (

Maybe you know my weaknesses, you know my strengths, but you don't know me. Don't act like you know me, I am not yours. My life, my choice, my mistakes not your business. You don't know what I can, what I am. it's me, it's mine and my life it's my life. You don't know me yet, but you will. I want be want I want, and I can do and be want I want. Woman in diferent situation:

She is fragile, she is strong, winning, losing, feminine, masculine, rebels, delivered.. Woman can all and can do everything. but at the same time he is characterized as a fragile creature

Woman can do everything and to be all but at the same time she is characterized as a fragile creature.
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    VSh interesting that of all characteristics you selected 'aggression' ....