Otavia - Abstract video art (youtube.com)
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    Eija Temisevä Love this!
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      ephemereye Hi Eija, do you show your work often? So glad you enjoyed it. Yes, it's good, isn't it! We are posting interesting video art work here so people can enjoy and get inspired, and also learn more about video art, and artists working with video. It's difficult to find things online because they are scattered all over the net. So we do the scouring... Spread the word, and please share!
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        Eija Temisevä Hi, what do you mean by do I show my work often? They are in Vimeo and many have been selected to festivals or screenings. Yes I will share.... and yes, there are video art online but they are all over :)
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          ephemereye Yes of course, it was just interesting to know how often you show your work, because all artists have different habits :)