In isolatiIn isolation with Jonas Mekas - A dangerous roommate Day #12on with Jonas Mekas - A dangerous roommate Day #12 (
We are never truly alone. We have our memories that create our desires. Desiring means companion. Always needing something, always having a dialogue with a voice. Usually, it's something you miss or can't have. We say we miss the interaction with people, being able to hug and kiss and feel again. Like babies need to be touched to realize their own bodies. We are afraid that we will forget our own drawing lines that separate us from the people around us. Only blueprints of houses define our boundaries now. Square and defined. No agility, no ability to bruise, no forgetting curves. We are afraid that we will become squares from these concrete boundaries. They protect and enslave. But we forget. How we used to miss this protection. How cruel the outer world used to be. We stay at home. Alone. But we are never truly alone.  

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