video Submission Johanna Yukiko Haneda
Hi. This is Johanna Yukiko Haneda .
Here is a link of the video
Train Nocturne from Heartbeat Ink.

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*Heartbeat Ink *

Creating stories inspired by the improvisational performance.

Painting is always in the room, so she couldn't walk into a room, she is
already there. She sings as she feels.

IMDb link

I myself am a first-generation immigrant to the USA.

What I see and experience in Los Angeles, there is so much to say, but at
the same time, it's hard to find the right words. Especially in 2020.

In the style of underground theatre, how we express in music and visual
images will describe more than thousands of words.

*Johanna Yukiko Haneda *

Debut as a recording artist with her album in 1988 from Sony Records
Worked with an All-stars creative team such as
David Foster, Joel Dorn, Duet with PAUL ANKA, and more.
Relocated to Los Angeles from Japan in 2011.
Established own performance style, improvisational vocal style of creating
momentum music with Zen meditation healing property.

Influenced by Japanese Traditional Noh, SHIMAI and UTAI ( Dance and
Singing), and Portuguese music

Thank you for the time to review my submission.

Best regards,

Johanna Yukiko Haneda
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